Outboard Racing Engines

Verado 400R
Consumer Verado 400R

Introducing the new standard in performance. The supercharged Verado 400R has enough power to quicken your pulse with an adrenaline rush. High end finishes and top-of-the-line engineering allow you to experience rocket-like power like never before.

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OptiMax 300XS
Consumer OptiMax 300XS

PEAK PERFORMANCE, LOW EMISSIONS Mercury Racing is all about passion for perfection and the pursuit of peak performance, the OptiMax 300XS is no exception. The heart of this beast is 3.2 liter V-6 powerhead featuring a stroked and precision-balanced crankshaft, maximized for power and performance.  Mercury’s most powerful OptiMax is at home winging anglers to their favorite fishing hot spot or pulling the kids on the tube. With multiple shaft lengths, gearcase styles, and gear ratios, the versatile engine is fit for virtually any application.

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OptiMax 250XS
Consumer OptiMax 250XS

EFFICIENT PERFORMER The OptiMax 250XS is all about efficiency without sacrificing performance. It is fueled by 87 octane – making it remarkably high performance without the cost of premium fuel.  The direct fuel injection system dramatically improves fuel-economy, giving you more time on the water.  Low-water pickups and a crescent leading edge design enable the race-proven Sport Master gearcase to operate at elevated transom heights  of 27” to 30” (685 mm to 762 mm) for maximum efficiency and speed. 

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400 ROS
Competition 400 ROS

Upon the heels of the highly successful Verado 400R outboard is its sinister competition relative, the Mercury Racing 400 ROS (Race Offshore).  The 400 ROS features the 400R powerhead mounted on an all-new race midsection, featuring the competition proven Mercury Racing heavy-duty swivel clamp bracket assembly. A Sport Master gearcase transfers the 400 ROS’s massive power to the water. And to ensure every revolution counts, Mercury Racing has developed an all-new line of CNC cleaver propellers specifically for the 400 ROS. Race Offshore Information Card

OptiMax 200XS ROS
Competition OptiMax 200XS ROS

RACE OFFSHORE The OptiMax 200XS ROS (Race Offshore) features a 2,5 Liter OptiMax powerhead mounted on a race-proven 15" mid section. The 200XS ROS is the official power of U.I.M. Class 3C offshore racing, a highly competitive single engine mono hull offshore racing class which competes throughout Europe

OptiMax 200XS SST
Competition OptiMax 200XS SST

GO FAST. TURN LEFT. The OptiMax 200XS SST (Super Sport Tunnel) outboard features a 2.5 Liter OptiMax powerhead mounted on a race-proven 12” mid-section coupled to a IV SSM gearcase. The 200XS SST won the 2000 24 Hours of Rouen endurance powerboat races overall and has won Class 2 competition multiple times. It is also the official power of the UIM F2 World Championship Series. 

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60 EFI FormulaRace
Competition 60 EFI FormulaRace

FOUR STROKE TUNNEL RACE The 60 h.p. in-line four-cylinder 60 EFI FormulaRace outboard expands Racing’s breadth of low-emissions 4-strokes; an offspring of the venerable Verado 400R and 400 ROS  outboards. The engine, built at Mercury Marine's state-of-the-art outboard manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China, was designed specifically to meet increasing demand for engines in support of the popular Mercury FormulaFour outboard tunnel boat racing series.

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